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Autopot Single Module Kit

Autopot Single Module Kit
Product Code: SKU00274
Availability: In Stock
Price: £21.99

This provides extra space for your plants to develop a large root system, encouraging fast growth and good overall development. The famous ‘AquaValve’ now has small weights attached to it, allowing you to increase or decrease the flow level. This ensures your plants always have a sufficient amount of nutrient and avoids the reservoir from clogging. As well as all this, the AutoPot still comes with all of the other benefits you would expect: An automatic supply of water and nutrients, which means less maintenance for you. With the AutoPot, you can get convenience - you away for the weekend and still be sure to get great results. The AutoPot creates a wet/dry cycle to draw oxygen to the root zone for fast and healthy growth. Whats included: 1 x pot tray and lid, 1 x 15litre sqaure pot and 1 x zip lock bag contaning: 1 x matrix disc, 1 x root control disc piping, 1 x aqua valve and 1 x 4mm T-cross connector.


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