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Essentials Silicon +

Essentials Silicon +
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Help your plants resist pests and diseases with Silicon +. Plants grown without the benefit of Silicon + tend to be more susceptible to toxic metals, fungal attack such as pythium, bud rot (botyritis) and insects. This amazing product provides silicon in a water-soluble from called monosilicic acid and is deposited as silica in cell walls, giving structural rigidity and strength. This allows plants to better resist damage or attack that involves tissue pentration. Since most fungal diseases require initial penetration of the tissue, stregthening this protective layer provides better resistance to various diseases. This awareness of the benfits that silicon plays in plant helath and nutrition, means we should no longer ignore its value. Silicon is classed as an immobile element so once the plant has incorporated this element into the cell wall the plant cannot move it anywhere else. For this reason, you should add Silicon + every time you add nutrient to your tank. For optimum results, use the silicon solution from early growth through to harvest.


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