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Room Accessories

Room Accessories
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Farbgel Original Defence Spray Uk Legal Farb Gel 40ml

Farbgel is the UK’s No 1 selling defence spray, it is 100% UK Legal and can be used by all people from any walk of life. No matter what you do, where you go, stay safe. With crime on the rise, we a..

1.5 litre Pump Action Sprayer

Pump-action plant Spray bottle. ..

4 Plug Extension Lead

4-Gang Extension with neon and lead four gang extension socket fitted with a 13A plug and fused at 13 amps. Colour: White Power. Input: 230Vac@50Hz. Total load: 13A. Plug type: 13A. Packing hanging ba..

600ml Trigger Spray Bottle

600ml Spray Bottle. Ideal for folier feeding your plants. ..

Active Eye Green Led FlashLight

Active Eye Light Green LED Flashlight: Compact, long lasting, 9 powerful high intensity LED bulbs, 100,000+ hours of burn time, uses three AAA batteries (not included). ..

Aquaking 8 litre Pressure Sprayer

This Pressure Sprayer features a fully removable top section allowing solutions to be mixed inside the sprayer without the need for a separate mixing container. Produces a fine, constant mist suitable..

Essentials Room Clean Spray 750ml

Naturally clean and disinfect your grow room for a healthy growing environment. ..

Eurosonic Extension Cable Reel 10m

With re-settable safety cut-out. Max current fully wound: 3 amp (720 watt). Max current fully unwound: 10 amp (2400 watt). ..

Lumii Grow Room Glasses

Lumii Grow Room Glasses are specifically designed to reduce the glare from HID, HPS and CFL grow lamps, so you can see your plants in a more natural light. It's easier to identify pests and disease pr..

Mabo Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Mabo is an Automatic fire fighting product which Extinguishes the fire by the dispersion of a glass ampoule containing a chemical solution which remains on the burning surface as a coating that will p..

Round Flat Air Stone 150mm x 18mm

Round, flat, Air Stone used to oxygenate your nutrient solution. ..

Silicon Air Line 4m

Clear, silicon airline for use with air pumps. Sold in a 4 metre length. ..

Small Ball Air Stone

Ball Airstones are suitable for use in reservoirs for oxygenating nutrient solutions or for use in bubbler and oxypot systems. ..

Stikatak Spray Adhesive 500ml

For fixing of textiles, fabrics, carpet tiles to wood, stone concrete. ..

Holdon Bungee Clamps

The patented and reusable Holdon® MIDI instant clip-on eyelet and tarp clip is ideal for securing all types of fabrics and sheeting in your grow room. ..



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