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IWS 24 Pot System

IWS 24 Pot System
Product Code: SKU00002
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Price: £660.00

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The IWS System is a highly developed, hybrid flood and drain system which works by flooding from the bottom of each individual pot (filled with clay pebbles). The pots are made up of three parts: a stand with a preset height and a 5 degree slope which allows all the nutrient to drain back to the main tank, stopping the roots from sitting in water, a base pot which has a water tight gland through which the nutrient is delivered and a seperate drain pot which has machined holes in the base, allowing the flood and drain action. The delivery pipe is connected to the base pots which allows a slow and even flood. When a pre-set saturation in the medium is met, the grow system then switches automatically to drain and works in reverse, sucking out all of the nutrient from the base pot leaving the roots moistened but never oversaturated or left standing in water. All IWS Sytems are now available with collapsible water butts and large 20 litre pots. IWS 24pot system includes: 220 litre tank with pumps, brain pot with timer, 24x stands, 24x pots, 12x elbows, 12x tees, 30m tubing and instructions.


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