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Vitalink buddy

Vitalink buddy
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Brand new Vitalink buddy 1 ltr. If you want healthy, vibrant plants with increased growth and yield, Vitalink plant nutrition is for you. The range consists of a variety of nutrient solutions and growth enhancers suitable for all growing methods and abilities. So whether you’re new to gardening or an advanced grower, vitalink plant nutrient lets you choose how you want to grow for maximum results. The nutrient range starts with a nutrient specifically formulated to stimulate rooting in cuttings and seedlings. You then have a choice of nutrients dependent on your chosen method of cultivation. There is a nutrient formulated for growing in soil, one for coco coir and a choice of either a one-part or two-part nutrient for hydroponic cultivation. Unlike a lot of other nutrients on the market, each of the Vitalink nutrients contain high quality ingredients and are packed with micro and macro nutrients, guaranteed to give you a bumper harvest. The Vitalink plant nutrition range also incorporates a variety of Vitalink ‘add-it’ growth enhancers developed to boost each stage of your plants’ growth cycle and protect your plants from pests and disease. Used in combination with your chosen vitalink nutrient, Vitalink ‘add-it’ will help to give you what you desire, whether this is the aromatic basil, the most colourful roses or even the biggest onion in the world.


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