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Wilma 16 Pot Dripper System

Wilma 16 Pot Dripper System
Product Code: SKU00005
Availability: In Stock
Price: £179.99

Wilma pot systems from atami are one of the most versatile systems available on the market. With the wilma you get the precision and control of hydroponic feeding but with the flexibility of drip feeding and growing in pots. Effortless setup and automatic feeding saves hours of work, excellent drainage whatever medium is used, easy pump access for maintenance and monitoring of nutrient solution, high quality pots are ideal size and reusable, self-contained system greatly reduces chance of leakage and comes with a selection of drippers suitable for any medium. How does the Wilma 16-Pot system work? Wilma recirculating systems consist of a nutrient reservoir, a top tray that holds the pots and a dripper system that feeds nutrient to the pots everytime a timer turns on the water pump. The top tray is designed to drain the nutrient back to the reservoir after every feeding. Nutrient is recirculated and should be completely changed every 7-10 days. The system comes with two full sets of drippers, one is a free flow dripper for use with clay pebbles and the other is a 2lph dripper for use with CoCo or soil.


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